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Customer Loyalty

We help our clients turn Happy Customers into Loyal Customers.

Customer Support

We believe Customer Support isn’t just about resolving customer queries/complaints.

It’s about 4 Key factors.

Average Response Time

Less than 6 Hours


Wherever your customer is, our Agent can help them.


Above 99% accuracy


Each team member closes 120+ Email conversations everyday

What we Offer

Multichannel Response Handling

Customers today have much more control over the buying process than sellers do. Thanks to the expansion of available channels, customers have more preference than ever when it comes to how they want to get information.

Today there are numerous ways to reach customers than we could have imagined not so long ago. And as the number of platforms increases the need to embrace multichannel marketing will become not only a good idea, but a critical one.

Inbound/Outbound Voice Follow-up

BootStaff has always been focusing on customer service above all else. We serve as a domain for tech support, billing questions, and other customer service issues.

Social Media Response Management

Response time is such a crucial factor in giving great social media customer per to The Social Habit, 42% of customers need a response from a social platform within 60 minutes. With BootStaff you are expected to have a time-conscious social media management team.

Email Management and Email Support

Responding to emails received is very pivotal for any business, especially these days where email has become a major communication medium. Large organizations receive loads of emails daily and responding to each one of them gets very tedious for them and so such companies started to outsource their email support to BPO companies.

Chat Support

It’s becoming unavoidable to address queries of online customers as businesses are inclining towards online mode. Chat support creates opportunities to answer customer’s questions instantly while they are browsing, facilitate their online experience for smoother navigation and grab them from dropping out. The chats can be both solving a problem or service related query for a call back or selling a product or service. BootStaff offers a chat support service to handle such processes.

Web Form Follow Up

A web form is a means that allows your visitors to get in contact with you and to send information, such as an order, a catalog request, or even a query, which is passed on to your database. A web form often acts as a communication bridge that permits a user to communicate with a company and vice versa. 

Online Back Office Support

Commanding a business is no easy task, no matter the size of the company. Juggling data and other time-consuming assignments while trying to sell and onboard customers may be overwhelming. Having a trusted and talented team handling these tasks is beneficial for the growing capabilities of businesses. It will amplify front-office employees’ performance and help them concentrate on their core business.

Automated Email Support

The use of email services has been enormously adopted by organizations as it creates a perfect communication channel for them. 

Application Tech Support

Application tech support teams are in charge of handling installation errors, user issues and any other technical problem that prevents the customer from using your product. 

Website Tech Support

With customers becoming more tech savvy, it’s important to get your tech support right.

Tech support is a vital element of the overall user experience for product-based businesses.

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Benefits of working with BootStaff

Increased Customer Loyalty

We strive to bring a smile on your customers faces. When customers are heard, they feel respected. Respect then reciprocates and turns a mundane interaction into something worth remembering. Hence, achieving customer loyalty.

People-First Culture

Each and every team member at BootStaff is part of the family. We celebrate festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and all the highs and lows of life together. As a result, each team member travels that extra mile to deliver results to the highest of their abilities.


We believe in perseverance. Our team perseveres to deliver the highest level of accuracy while taking the lowest amount of time. We leverage the knowledge base that we have built up over the years to deliver consistent performance & results. We strive to achieve higher first response time consistently.

Revenue Growth

When customers become loyal, they return to purchase your product or services again. A higher percentage of returning customers, helps our clients in increasing their revenue consistently.

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Why BootStaff

Cost Effectiveness

Our clients decrease their expenses upto 60%.

Direct Control & Supervision

The team works directly under the supervision and control of your in-house team.


You can increase or decrease the number of resources as per your seasonality.


When you want to increase the team size significantly, we can do that in less than a week.

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